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    Originally Posted by CMPUNK1 View Post
    1. So basically Pokemon happens in a country and each game is set in a region within that country?

    2. Is it posible to catch the original 150 Pokemon in each game?

    3. I have actually played Fire Red shall be playing Platinum what would the logical game choice be to play afterwards. Im not running before I can walk but it would be nice to see the direction I will be going in.

    4. Were have all these new Pokemon come from? I understand that they have been created to make sure the series hasn't become stale but there is so many Pokemon now its crazy although exciting especially to a returner like me who doesn't know what I'm going to find. Is it like. Could it be explained like different continents around our world have different species of animals?

    5. Is there a game in which all Pokemon could potentially be caught?

    6. Are the worlds on the games a lot bigger than previous games like red e.g more locations/cities etc

    7. I always felt that once I had defeated the elite four the game just kind of fizzled out and became not so interested. How do you guys decide when to end your game and move on to the next game in the series?

    8. Is there a game that has multiple regions in it or contains all regions? if not why(cartridge size) and what makes that gyms badges more important than any other regions surely it would make sense to obtain all badges from all regions?

    9. This is obviously way in the future for me but with the release of X and Y coming out soon what comes beyond that? by this I mean console wise is it safe to say that the focus for that game and for any game beyond that is going to be 3DS.

    10. Finally. What region does each game take place in? and is there a map which features all Regions so I can get a general idea of the setup.
    1. Eeeh, kind of. I'm not sure if the backstory is really explained that far - on the surface, at least. It does appear that way, though.

    2. Not all, I don't think, especially ones like Mew, who in general is event exclusive. Through trading, though, I suppose it is theoretically possible to get all in most games.

    3. If you've already played Fire Red, Emerald might be a good game to take up.

    4. I'm not sure it's ever been fully explained, I think there were some excuses about them always being around, but were just rarely seen in other regions and weren't documented, stuff like that. It could be explained with climates I guess, to some degree.

    5. There might be, but I'm not sure. There may well be a way through trading, and... uh. Catching Them All was never my strong point :p

    6. Hmm, I'd say they're probably about the same size. From Red, though, there's definitely a larger variety of types of locations, regarding weather and such.

    7. Yup, pretty much the same. Elite 4, Legendary Pokémon, any after-game story, then I'm pretty much done.

    8. Yeah, I think cartridge size is pretty much it. HG/SS (the remakes of Gold and Silver), like the originals, have both Johto and Kanto in them, but I'm not sure other than that. I think the main region for only collecting the badges from the one particular region is because of: Firstly, the game's limitations, and secondly, the fact that the player's character lives in that particular region.

    9. Ooh, now for that, that's down to the developers, really. I don't suspect they'd really deviate from handhelds. There are also hacked games and such that are getting pretty extensive nowadays, and those are for pretty much anything you can get an emulator to run on.

    10. There are maps for the individual regions, I'm not sure about all of them put together. As for the games:
    R/B/Y: Kanto
    G/S/C: Johto (Kanto)
    FR/LG: Kanto
    R/S/E: Hoenn
    D/P/Pt: Sinnoh
    HG/SS: Johto (Kanto)
    B/W: Unova
    B2/W2: Unova

    The region for X and Y is unannounced, so far.
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