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    Name: Dexter Will Butler

    Nickname: Dex

    Age: 10

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Dex endured never ending teasing of his awkward body throughout his earlier childhood. His arms and legs grow much faster than the rest of his body. Due to the energy it consumes just to stand up straight, carrying the weight of his arms, Dex assumes a bit of a slouch to save himself from exhaustion. His facial features are average; nothing exciting or eye-catching. His chocolate brown hair that's always gelled up into a quiff never gets appraise, his green eyes look dull, and he rarely pulls his thin, small lips back into a smile.

    Dex often dresses up for every occasion. From tucked in polo shirts to sweaters draped over the shoulders, he's not afraid to show off his fashion tastes that's sometimes the topic of gossip among people.

    Personality: Dex is unlike the average, hyper child. He's serious and has a mature aura; most of the time you'll find Dex socializing with a group of sophisticated adults, highly indulged in the conversation. It isn't truthful to say that Dex doesn't posses any childish traits, however. He absolutely despises sharing and once anybody's hands touch anything of his he throws a silent fit of rage and ignores that person.

    Dex hates Humans. Soon after realizing that he was a Pure-Hearted, he swore loyalty to others of his own kind. However, due to his young age and limited knowledge, Dex doesn't know much of the Humans.

    History: Dex was born to two radio show hosts in Jubilife City a very short time before the crisis began. The only thing Dex can remember from his early days is playing with his mother's Ditto. With only bits of memories of the crisis (he was a bit too young to remember; stories from others help Dex visualize the event) Dex still saw the troubled looks of people's faces throughout the city. He knew something was wrong, but just couldn't figure out what happened until later on in his life. His parents highly supported the Pure-Hearted despite not being ones themselves and begged the city to have mercy on them until Dex was a certain age. As soon as the clock hit midnight on Dex's eight birthday, the city kicked his parents out, leaving Dex to care for himself.

    For his fifth birthday, Dex's mother trusted Dex in taking care of her Ditto. From then on, the two became best friends and never left each other's sight.

    Class: Upper Medium Class (Is this allowed? If not, High.)

    Pokemon: Ditto

    Nickname: Ditta

    Personality: Ditta, nicknamed by Dex's mother, is the complete opposite of his young master. She (though Ditta is genderless, Dex's family always considered it as a female) loves fun and if there's open space to run around then she'll be completely satisfied. She's loyal to Dex and is probably the only one that can get him to temporarily revert into his inner child and play silly games.

    Moves: Transform

    Other: Dex and Ditta study almost every night of every Pokemon's move set. They look over what moves they learn, what moves they can learn, and what moves they learn if bred a certain way. Through this studying, Dex has managed to come up with a basic plan of moves he would command Ditta to use for every Pokemon she transformed into.
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