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Oakley North - Atlantean Relief Centre, London, England

October 31st, 2012
The Librarian laughed at Nathaniel's response, nodding as he spoke, "yes, you're quite right. I was only asking for politeness' sake."

"Don't call me that," Adeline spoke up, narrowing her eyes at Nathaniel. "Please call me Otto."

"You and your nicknames. I swear, Adeline, if I would let you, you would put on a costume and call yourself a super her--"


"Right," he sighed, turning back to his three new friends, "what do I want with you? Well, I'm not sure that's the right question at hand here. As I said, I offer sanctuary to lost Atlanteans. A chance to get away, begin your life anew. Perhaps you just need somewhere to stay to be away from this," he gestured to the burning building, metaphorically gesturing the shamble that their lives seemed to have become. "I don't care who you are and what you've done. I'm giving you a chance to change what was happened. I will provide a home and help with your abilities. Of course, my service isn't a free one."

Oakley stared for a moment, trying to properly understand what he was saying. He was... giving her another chance? To do this thing right? It sounded like a... good oppourtunity; someone who could teach her what she could do and how she could stop doing it. She had come to terms that she was different over the three weeks but she didn't like how any kind of scare could set her off into a burning, screaming mess of pain. But what was this price he was speaking of?

"Usually, I ask for you heritage," her question was quickly answered, "but because I have all of yours," his eyes brushed past all of them, resting on Oakley a touch longer than the other two, "I'll only ask of your assistance when the time comes. But before then, you are free people and can use my services to the best of your ability.

"What do you say?" he opened the car door, gesturing to the car like it was a gateway to freedom. Which it technically was.

"If it can help me with this," Oakley looked down at her clean arm, sighing at its inevitability, "I'll come with you." She stepped into the car, pulling herself along to the furtherest along seat. She couldn't believe she was getting into a car with a complete stranger but at the moment, everyone seemed like strangers. Even her father.

"Thank you Oakley," the Librarian smiled warmly at her. It was comforting. "And you, boys?"
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