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    Jacob continued to watch the Pokemon as they discussed something. He had begun to wonder how “human” these creatures were. His knowledge of them was limited and if the propaganda was to be believed they were primitive creatures with very simple intelligence for the most part. They were driven by basic instincts with no real emotions to influence their judgment, or so he had read. At this point, he seriously doubted much of this information was correct, and he guessed the Pokemon were more intelligent than all the pro war propaganda would want one to believe. It appeared he would have to look into this personally since he would likely get more biased answers instead of the truth from Human Republic personnel, or just get unreliable military intelligence. Jacob’s train of thought about the Pokemon was interrupted by the unmistaken able sound of the firing of a rifle.

    A water dragon pokemon fell to the ground dead, the side of its head blown open from a high powered rifle round. There was a second of ghostly silence before the storm. The first voice heard was clearly a human’s since Jacob’s translator didn’t emit its metallic tinted translation into his ear. Jacob looked for the man’s location but his line of sight was blocked by some primitive huts. The silence ended as suddenly as it began as all the Pokemon started to attack each other. With the proximity of the two Pokemon factions the battle quickly turned into a close range blood bath. The Pokemon who were closest to their enemies didn’t last long as they were the targets of the first flurry of attacks. Jacob could also pick out the sound of weapons fire as the scout team joined the fight, but he was unable to see where his “allies” were located.
    Jacob wondered if the other scouts were smart enough to retreat, but he honestly doubted their leader Nick had the common sense to run. Likely the only one with any real grip on the situation and what needed to be done was Damien. However Damien would likely stand to fight with the other idiots out of loyalty, but Jacob would give him the best opening he could so the man could retreat as needed. Jacob quickly grabbed up his equipment and slipped out the back of his hiding spot. He had told Damien he would have his back, and while then he hadn’t originally planned to keep his word, Jacob decided to risk his life to assist the other man despite the risk. Jacob kept low and moved quickly to re establish visual contact with the other humans while pushing further into the forest and away from the Pokemon fighting.

    Jacob saw his opening and let his feet slid out from under him and across the ground followed quickly by his rear end hitting the ground. The minor pain was easy for Jacob to ignore as he brought his rifle up to a firing position with his right cheek feeling the cold reassuring touch of metal. Already several Pokemon were converging on the other humans’ position that Jacob was able to pick out thanks to the muzzle flashes and fiery red tracer rounds. His quick slide to the ground allowed Jacob to get into a suitable firing position with enough stability for an accurate shot.

    Jacob’s breathing had suddenly become shallow as he picked his target: a dive bombing bird Pokemon that had a large crest on its head that was tipped in a blood red color. His mind focused on the task at the hand and it emptied of all distractions focusing solely on the the art of the kill. ‘Slight wind from the east… about 2 knots… target in high speed dive…’ thought Jacob as his well trained mind recalculated his aim point. With a quick glance at range finder readout on the bottom of his scope to confirm his estimation Jacob had calculated where he needed to point his weapon for the kill shot. Adrenaline pumped through his veins causing the world around him to slow to a crawl as he set up for the kill. Jacob’s finger tightened on the trigger telling his rifle it was time to whisper death.
    Jacob felt the slight recoil of his rifle as the hammer struck the special made bullet’s casing, igniting the gunpowder that sent the metal projectile toward its victim. A faint whisper and a tiny puff of smoke is all that made it past the silencer as the bullet exited the rifle’s barrel. The custom bullet extended its tiny stabilizing fins, Jacob’s secret weapon to give him unparallel accuracy at long range, as it silently soared toward a point in the air the bird’s head would occupy when the bullet reached it. The bullet found its victim’s head just behind the creature’s left red eye. The flying pokemon was killed instantly and its body went limp as it crashed to the ground, two feet away from its own intended victim.

    Jacob’s adrenaline continued to pump as he lined up for another shot, this time a large otter like creature with some yellow thing around its neck that was charging at Damien and Nick’s position. Once again his rifle whispered as it spat death, and once again the bullet found the target’s head causing its life to instantly end. A small yellow mouse, that was unleashing a volley of lightning bolts onto the human’s position, was silenced next. Jacob fired two more rounds and ended the lives of two others before his weapon’s clip ran out of bullets.

    Snatching out the used clip and snapping in a second one Jacob thought, ‘move it you idiots I don’t have much ammunition and my firing position isn’t very safe. If you don’t fall back now I will be unable to cover you.’ Jacob was laying low to the ground at this point and a decent distance from the main fighting, but if something got close he would be easily spotted. While most of his focus was on his targets, after every shot he would reassess his surroundings for danger. The longer he was out here the more paranoid he was getting that he would be spotted. Damien needed to move now...
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