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Originally Posted by Shasjas View Post
sorry to be a necromancer (this isnt the sort of thread that can "die" though).
But I was thinking, surely theres a way to make a pokemon game based on different mechanics, not leveling up.
The problem with leveling up is you can end up beating the major trainers, like the gym leaders, just by having higher level pokemon, not by having a good plan. In the small amount of anime ive watched (just the kanto and johto series) there was no mention of the level of pokemon. I think this is because its not a very natural idea, its a very "gamey" idea.
surely we can think of something better.
That'd be really cool

And yeah, it just seems like the battles are all about having the strongest Pokemon, rather then any strategy, one thing I'd love to see in a game is exactly that - strategy. In the Pokemon games, you could, essentially, train your starter to level 100 before even challenging the first NPC. It'd be a lot of work, but you'd win for sure. So that's something I'd like to see
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