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I know I'm in the extreme minority, so much so that'd I'd be better off typing this in like the YoYo Games community or something, but how about a Pokemon game... that's not based on the trainer games?

The monsters have so much character potential. Or failing that, natural potential. Certainly a bunch of creative minds can come up with something that's not another RPG with the same mechanics we can get for 39.99 at a super store, right?

Though to a lot of people's credit, there's some talent that can come up with amazing stuff and for free at that.

"Well, what would you propose?"

I dunno, perhaps we can turn to Pokesho for some inspiration? The right kind of inspiration, that is. Not the unapologetic fanservice. Personally, I'd be all in for a beat 'em up done right with fluid sprite animations. Heck, I might even jump in on that one if it doesn't take itself seriously.

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