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    Originally Posted by Chesu View Post
    Aha, I knew that's what this WPC would be about. Regarding Genesect being a viable Pokemon for this competition, however, isn't the entire premise of the movie that a group of Genesect have a new forme that allows them to move incredibly quickly?
    I believe you are referring to their Flight Forme? I've seen it, however there's not really any solid evidence that it's going to be in-games or anything. And I don't know if you can consider it a forme than a mechanic or ability. That's why I allowed Genesect to be used.

    And to explain the omits, I omitted Phione because I don't think Phione was a good enough legendary (I don't know why it's considered a legendary) to have its own forme, however I think Manaphy has some potential. Zekrom and Reshiram don't have formes, but are fused with Kyurem. Other omits were for obvious reasons.

    Also, I made the canvas restriction 120x120 just in case someone wanted to make something massive, you're welcome to create a forme depicting a small character. I think that happened with Mewtwo. And story is important; any details given will be in the poll below your entry.

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