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Katerina Lukyanenko - Stockholm Atlantean Relief Centre, Sweden

With the kid bawling on the ground after changing and the stranger asking for a toilet, today had become very strange in a matter of minutes. Still, she tried to make the best of the situation despite having little knowledge of how to deal with emotional teenagers. She was a soldier first and foremost; dealing with children had never been her forte much less a skill needed within the Russian armed forces. Crouching down, she patted the boy, Kim, on the shoulder, doing her best to reassure him that he was in a safe place and that she would take care of him. All the while, she hoped Agnes would be back soon after helping the man to the toilet; surely she would be able to help this kid get it together.

"Kim, I'll get you home soon, but could you calm down for me please?" Her Swedish was rusty, and probably slightly incorrect, however she tried to speak it to the best of her ability. She continued to rub the kids shoulder blade gently, waiting for him to calm down further.

Justin Oliver Evans - London Atlantean Relief Centre, England

Justin smiled, a grin brightening up the boyish face of his, "I guess you could go home," he replied, perhaps it had been naive of him to think that she would want to do anything but. He smiled more, "I meant more of what you intended to do after registering. Yes, I am a member of the Royal Family, but that is merely a title, I'm just another Atlantean like you." He chuckled at her mention of his 'high status', he hadn't really wanted to be in charge, but things had seemed to work out like that; not that he saw himself in a higher place than others. "We're an organisation based on teamwork, and sometimes that means sitting behind a desk doing paperwork. At least I get to meet some pretty amazing people this way; like yourself for instance."

Justin paused, he didn't want to rush headlong into anything, he would rather the girl make her own choice when it came to this particular issue. "Charlie, I was wondering if you would like to join us, the Royal Family I mean; learn to control and master your ability at the academy we have. I appreciate if at this moment you would rather like to return home, but I can see you becoming a great member." He looked her in the eye, showing her that he was serious about this, "You don't have to make a decision this moment, but I would just like to extend this opportunity out to you." He gave her another one of his smiles; in a way she was almost like his younger sister before he lost her, which stung a bit, but gave him hope.

Lying back, he let the doctors finish the work on his side as the final bandage was wrapped around and secured; keeping the wound tight so it could heel. It was getting late already, and the doctors were insisting that most of the injured stay to be monitored and looked after throughout the night. He could see families huddled together, parents hovering over their children, siblings clutching at each other's hands. Justin's eyes began to water at the loss he had taken with his family, but he pushed past the emotion, bottling it deep down inside so he could stay strong for the people here. Like Charlie, these people looked up to him as a member of the Royal Family and he needed to act like one in front of them all. Beside him, he could hear Charlie with her family who had come in earlier.

River Beleren - Riga Atlantean Relief Centre, Latvia

The incessant ringing struck River out of her nap as the cellphone rattled across her desk. It had been a miracle that she had been granted the hours worth of sleep; usually her ability would hone in on anyone's brain activity within her immediate vicinity, broadcasting their thoughts straight into her head, but today this had not been the case. Back home on in the Mansion, it was far enough away from any large populous that she could easily block out the thoughts from their students, but with all these wireless signals going off whenever they got within a couple meters of her; this made sleep a lot more difficult to achieve.

"Yes, Minerva?" She wearily answered the phone

"Hey River, its Minerva. Um, I changed my mind, I'd like to go with you."

Snapping awake, she could feel the panicked thoughts running amok in Minerva's mind. Obviously something was up to have Minerva change her mind this quickly, "Minerva? Where are you?" River jotted down the address of her apartment, gathering her things before she would head over. "Okay Minerva, I'll be over soon, stay put."

It had taken the taxi ten minutes to find the building that housed Minerva's apartment, despite River's attempt to speak Latvian to the driver to get him to drive urgently, however all he did was respond calmly that he knew where to drive to. He even tried talking to her; presumably asking her why she was going where she was and how her day was going, but River didn't have the time to ponder on these thoughts. Accessing the safari browser, she pulled up the latest feed for today and gasping at the news that had made it to the top of the international section. The news seemed to be slandering Atlanteans for the attack on the Relief Centre on London, as well as similar incidents happening all across the world. In a small paragraph near the end of the article, River found a message about an attack in Riga. Nothing had happened to her knowledge, but she gasped as she considered the possibility that Minerva had committed the act.

Taking the stairs two at a time, River made it up to Minerva's apartment, scanning it quickly for signs of other thoughts aside from Minerva's obvious jumbled thoughts, before banging on the door. "Minerva? It's River, can you let me in?"
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