Thread: FireRed hack: FireRed 649 Patch
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    If this is opened in PGE, should the Move Table and TM/HM Extension Hacks be ticked?

    Also why does the images appear like this in Pokemon Editor?

    BTW when I took this screenshot, TM/HM and Move Table Hack was ticked.

    And minor decapitalisation bugs, I don't know if these has been reported before but I thought I should let you know.

    Messed up tile

    And why does the cancel Image in the bag a question mark like one for an unknown item? Shouldn't it be an arrow something?

    It's so minor I don't even know if someone would care about it. I just thought I'd post it.

    Another, the game crashes when you open the "NATIONAL DEX NUMERICAL" when you have a Tepig. (I made a givepokemon script to test it and a special 0x16F)