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I've been trying to get sources from news outlets, but it's 5 o clock in the morning and this wouldn't make breaking news in North America. Judging from what I'm watching and seeing, Maduro probably will remain president, but it's clear that his rule would be uneasy considering all of the problems he inherited, as well as because half the country voted for the liberal coalition.

I'm not very familiar with Venezuelan politics, except for the fact that it resembles politics in the US and Canada at the beginning of the 20th century - involved a lot of clientilism and getting out the vote. Some American officials who have worked with Maduro claims he's pragmatic and move away from Chavez if that's what the opposition wants. I don't think anybody really knows how the unity of their party is doing now that Chavez is gone, so that's a factor as well. At the end of the day, the opposition has made great strides, so even if they do not form government right now, their voice will definitely be heard.
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