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    I ran it yesterday and crossed the finish line just a couple of minutes before the first bomb went off. my parents were in the bleachers right across from the first one. runners after the finish line only heard it go off and some thought it was a celebratory cannon. I'm from the area and said that they had never done that, and figured it was just a transformer exploding from the subway that goes right underneath Boylston. then I watched the second bomb got off. if you want to see panic and chaos unfold... go stand in the epicenter of a terrorist attack.

    my neighbor that works for the FBI called me last night after the reports of the additional undetonated bombs in the area, and he confirmed that there was indeed an undetonated bomb underneath the bleachers that my parents and the Sandy Hook victims were sitting in.

    truly sickening. but boston is a resilient city. we will overcome this.

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