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    Quick question: I just updated to the newest version (I originally downloaded the game in early February) and copied my save file from the older version to the new one, but I don't see the new version's changes, for example, I remember reading about a fix for Holy Karst Falls and some other things, but I'm not seeing those changes.

    Do I really have to restart from scratch? I've beaten the E4 several times already and have several Pokemon that I've raised into the 80s that are not legendaries.

    Also, I'm getting extremely frustrated with trying to hunt down the guy who has the Key that Uranium needs on Crystal Villa. I beat the guy in Redwood City and the only hint I got was that the guy would be "at the end of a long path" next. I've scoured very nearly all of the east side of the region and all of the currently accessible part of the west side of the region.
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