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Ryan Newson

The newer girl looked at Ryan with a sad smile, like she was in mental pain. This made Ryan frown, had something happened? Could this be something to do with the news of Team Rocket? Ryan assumed it was as that news would terrify anyone! The girl said her name was Genevieve Molyneux.
"Ah, hello there, Genevieve Molyneux! I'm Ryan Newson." Ryan said this as cheerfully as he could to try and brighten the mood and make the girl seem less sad. The girl had many, many books with her. It made Ryan smile to see that someone was taking their studies as seriously as this girl.
"Sorry I forgot. This is my Simipour, Sapphire. She's unique, I've never seen another Simipour with her coloring." Genevieve said. Upon hearing this, Ryan slightly leant forwards to get a better look. After looking at Sapphire for a while he said,
"Well, each pokemon is special and unique! I've never seen a Simipour before, but this one doesn't look like how I've heard them to look. This is a very special Simipour indeed!" Ryan kept looking at the new pokemon. It did look interesting. But, unusual pokemon weren't his speciality. They weren't something he even knew much about. However, legendaries were something that Ryan knew very much about. So he retreated back to his desk and continued to prepare for his lesson.
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