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Updated the rule based on the discussion we had from this.

— Avoid posting content that directly refers to sexual intercourse.
Do not post in excessive detail about sexual intercourse. Do not imitate or mime sexual actions. Do not link to pornography, hentai, or any other sexually explicit content. Sexual innuendo is fine, but do not tell the chat in clear detail about what happens during sexual intercourse. Referring to genitals and such is also fine, but it is not okay when you tell us in heavy detail about using them. Server staff may decide to tone down the conversation if they feel that it is getting too far. However, the server is still not family-friendly. Expect to see sex talk every once and a while, as we are very lax on the prevention of mature topics from being discussed. We aim to make the server enjoyable for everyone, so while most people enjoy talking about mature content, others may not. For this reason, you may contact a server staff member and they will help change the topic even if it means using disciplinary action.
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