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Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
Guys this is not a terrorist attack. It's either an act of right wing extremist or an act that the government knew about.

Boston Tea Party < taxes < 4/15 is tax day < Boston

Come on guys it's not rocket science to figure this one out. It could of been a right wing extremest doing an attack aimed at high taxes as a protest. OR the government created it to make the public think that's what happened. I mean why else would it be in BOSTON on TAX DAY?

We already know when the individual who did this (if the real individual) gets found the democratic news and the republican news will have completely separate stories involving this. They always have and always will. Also, someones probably gonna get framed for something they didn't do to protect someone else.

This is a sad event and I wish we could find different ways to settle this other than detonating explosives.
Terrorism: The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

Terrorism is exactly what this event was. People are terrified and paranoid because the public doesn't have anything at all right now to indicate who could have done this and why. I've heard the tax day reason a lot already and that could be it but the point is nobody knows for sure. Literally the only thing that we know right now is whoever did this is a sick psychopath, regardless of whatever reasoning they have.

I've heard so far that the casualty rate is 176, with 3 deaths and 17 in critical condition. I really hope that those in critical condition recover, three deaths is three too many.
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