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Originally Posted by DiamondBlueMoon View Post
Um... First of all, this hack looks promising. Congratulation on your 1000th download!
Secondly, may I ask you a few questions:
_ How many DW Pokemons are there in this hack exactly?
_ Can you make a list of pokemon and where to find them?
_ Some buildings are little bit "rough", if you can fix that, that'll be great!
_ Can you add some common breeding moves to each pokemon, cause there learn set somehow is little, and sometimes a bit useless (like Vulpix, not its best)
_ How far can this beta 3 go?
Thank you for answering and keep on developing
1. As of the most recent beta you can download, there is two, Politoed with Drizzle and Ninetales with Drought, only found with in-game trades. However, I'm changing the Girafarig for Seadra trade to give a Seadra with Damp instead of a normal Seadra, and I've added a new trade, Bellsprout for a Onix with Sand Stream. I plan to make it so every trade kills two birds with one you the trade-evolved pokemon, as well as rare Dream World stuff.

2. Perhaps when I finish, I can't be asked to do that now.

3. Example?

4. I have not altered any movesets from their original Gen III counterparts, so I believe that their movesets are reasonable. If it's good enough for Game Freak, it's good enough for me.

5. The entire first region is included in Beta 3. I release a new beta every 3 gyms.

I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.

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