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    My ideal life at 30... Well, probably living with my husband/wife with a few dogs and, of course, ferrets. I'm not big on kids, so I probably wouldn't have any, but if my spouse really wanted to, perhaps I would consider...

    I don't know if I have anything in particular in mind for a house, but enough bedrooms for me and the spouse, one for the ferrets, one for guests or a potential child, and either one extra or at least one special area for stuff like games and things. I'd like to have a nice yard as well for the dogs. I'd prefer to live in a neighborhood like the one I live in now, with plenty of space for yards, nice people, and very little crime. This place could use a bit of diversity though :P

    As for jobs, I would have finished my book, or a couple or a few, and would write for money. I don't know what my spouse would do, hopefully something they enjoy. And hopefully we make enough money for ourselves and pets to live comfortably and happily :P
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