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Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
I'd like to re-address some stuff that came up earlier a lot in this thread. I saw quite a lot of people saying that they're intimidated by higher staff because they feel like we're gonna tell them off for something, that they're in trouble, etc., but I'd like to know where this belief comes from. Do we come across as too strict in public or overly standoffish or what? Or is it just the fact that we could do those things that's scary, even if it's not something we do particularly often?
I think it's just irrational fear of the authority you hold. It's quite similar to how even completely innocent and upright citizens feel the need to look innocent when they drive by / walk by a police officer. It's just second nature for people to be afraid of law/rule enforcement/ers.

It may come off as if they're intimidated by the staff because some of them are the silent types, but I'm pretty sure (as the case was with me) that such intimidation roots from the basic fear of authority. If I saw two silent types, I'd only be afraid of the staff member between them. Or at least would have been in the past.
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