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    I think it stems from the threads-closed-for-no-reason that used to happen, the sarcastic remarks people would sometimes get, and the seemingly no-mercy "I'll infract you 10 times before messaging you if you need help."

    Example? JustinRPG. Look at some of the thread he has posted here in this section. In some, the mods seem very lovely, and helpful.. but in others, mods overreact "OH MY GOD HOW MANY TIMES DO WE NEED TO TELL YOU?? *lock*"
    Let's say he or any other person didn't get it even after the 15th+ time.. as a member I still expect staff to be more respectful and patient (or just put it kindly, even if it's blunt) because.. well.. that's why you were modded right? I get that it can be frustrating.. especially if there was something that was ongoing.. but I think if the community doesn't even have the chance to see that sort of unsavory behavior in the first place, you guys can be seen as more approachable.

    Just a suggestion.

    people might be afraid of the higher staff because some of them give off an aura of "we're silently and collectively judging you" kind of thing.
    I certainly feel this way.
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