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Originally Posted by AzaleaLightning View Post
It looks like the reason that the 8-year-old boy was the only one reported among the victims is because he was the first to be identified. They just identified the second victim as Krystle Campbell, who they believed to have survived at first because her friend was carrying her ID.

Apparently the boy's younger sister is one of the amputees, as well. The reports are just getting worse and worse...

They were saying that the course had been swept for bombs twice earlier in the day, and if that's the case, the terrorist could have easily dropped the bags in the crowd sometime before they detonated... If any of the storefront security cameras somehow weren't damaged (or severely damaged) in the blast, maybe they could see it? Finding an anonymous person in a crowd that large is extremely, extremely difficult though.
That's true, but our anti-terrorism network is pretty well equipped. Aside from credible witnesses and actual footage or forensic evidence, we're still pretty capable of finding out who was responsible via intelligence officers, chatter... etc. I wouldn't be surprised if the government had prior knowledge of a potential risk to our nation, just not where, when or how, just not within a decent predictable time-frame.
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