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    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    When you talk about professionalism and politeness Kura, are you specifically talking about when we're doing official things such as locking threads, or just overall in general when we're posting around? Just clarifying. :3
    Both, really, in a way. There have been many times that thread have been locked with a sarcastic remark and only that.. or locked with no explanation. I think even if it's obvious, there should be a reason why it should be locked because maybe to some people, it's not so obvious.
    And obviously, I don't think anyone can expect you to be saints, but if I see you being blatantly rude for the sake of being rude in regular posts, I'm.. not going to appreciate it even if I'm just a passerby. It's one thing to be blunt, and another thing to be super snarky, too. I understand when it's a joke, but if it's not it can be a bit sour. Overall, you guys are here to have fun, too, and posting crude yo' mama jokes is one thing, and acting catty towards someone is a whole other. Granted, I don't feel it's happened in quite a long while, so good on you guys, but it's something to always be wary of methinks.
    I don't know what you guys have in the staff forum, but maybe a monthly like sorta review on conduct (GOOD and bad, because let's not forget the good stuff) might be helpful to you all, and maybe will also prevent activity from slipping for you guys too and make you motivated in the section that you care for.

    I know this is longwinded, and sorry. The tldr version basically is:
    Politeness more on staff actions (locking/ helping members) but you guys should just be wary of it elsewhere because people do look up to you so you wouldnt want it to reflect badly on you, or the rest of the staff.

    Hope this helps.

    Pedro: While the staff has been good pretty much most times with restraint with him, the times it has slipped I feel just reflect badly on the staff because I remember it and think "What if they reply that way to me?" I do. That's why I PM different staff now rather than post stuff; because I don't wanna keep bugging the same person/ team of people so I go to different mods.
    But I digress, if he warranted it, it should be executed in a calm manner, locked saying "will PM member about this" and taken it up with the member. If it's spammy and not an actual concern/ if threads kept being made after warning said member to PM first before making threads, then the appropriate infraction should be made.

    That's how I feel it should be handled.. because IMO it will help make staff more approachable. What happened then is the past, so let's take from that and learn from it. I think a few cases could have been handled better, so I'm putting my thoughts forward on the matter.

    I used that as an example anyways because I remember it so vividly that's what popped into my head. I just wouldnt want to see something like that happen for anyone else from here on out.
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