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Well, the US is involved in a lot of stuff around the world. It is the largest economy (for now) and does represent about 1 in every 20 people in the world. But involved in other nation's politics? Not so much. Sure, we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, and were part of what happened in Libya, but there are plenty of places where we could be intervening in with justifiable reasons. (I don't mean to imply that what we did in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya was necessarily justified, just that we claimed we were and lots of people believed us at the time, rightly or wrongly.) Look at Syria, where we've been pretty hands off despite the atrocities there.

I guess when you compare the U.S. to other countries we do seem like we have our fingers in everyone's pies. I don't see anything wrong in trying to promote democracy and human rights though and if that's something the U.S. is doing then that's okay by me. (War is an entirely different story though.)

Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
Yes, it's been proven America is working with the Mexican government. For a couple years now America has been working with them so they get benefits of moving here. They get free health care, welfare, food stamps, and jobs without any question asked. It's easier for an illegal citizen from Mexico to get jobs, or any assistance from the government. It's just the liberal's mentality.

This is a major issue here in America and it's causing our job market to fail. In lots of states (especially democratic) illegal immigration takes most of our jobs. American welfare is higher than ever because this is a problem. I don't know what America is trying to accomplish here.
So they're taking jobs... but they're also on welfare? I don't think it works that way.
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