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    I appreciate your recommendations, PlatinumDude! Even so, there are a couple of things I would rather prefer, sincerely out of favoritism and my own battle style. It has nothing to do with any inneffiency of the editing, because I think your suggestions would make my team quite more effective, but just Pokes I like to battle with better . I'd like Gyarados to keep Earthquake, considering its weaknesses to both the ice and electric types, so the later set would be the one I would prefer. As for Espeon, could you elaborate on the use of him? I don't quite understand what you're getting at. For Skarmory, I'm not exactly sure if I should include any hazards because they may exhaust their usefulness if he appears later in the match. I am inable to control IV's because I don't have a modifier and can't get one. I know this seriously cripples my competitive battling, but I'll just have to make do. So, I will have to go with Pain Split for Chandelure and choose a different move for Espeon. Considering Electivire, I only added him for preference of an electric type. I had actually planned on having Garchomp in the first place, but I thought that he was in the Uber tier XD. Now I'll definetely use him with that set. In the end, though, you really gave me amazing advice and I think will seriously improve my competitive battles! Thanks! :D

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