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    Once again, we have another big tragedy strike America... people die in it, and it doesn't look like this stuff is ever going to end. Then Pakistan gets hit with an earthquake! This kind of stuff makes me wish I could hop in a time machine and go back to the 1800s-when the world was a much better place! I keep hearing more and more of these major tragedies are going to occur and much more frequently as we head into the Tribulation. (I wish the world had ended and rapture took place the morning of 9-11, before the first of the Twin Towers was hit.)
    And once again, people like me will be persecuted (I'm a white male Christian, non-Hispanic, which all of these are major strikes against me in society, and especially in the job market) even more than before as a result of this attack.
    It's even worse when young children die in these attacks!

    The world as a whole is more violent than it was before Noah's flood!
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