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Get up
Spark Wake up
The voice was loud, and Spark opened her eyes to it. "What..." She said softly.

"It's me, Spark wake up, it's me." Before her, was a person that wrecked her heart. "Silly, you are sleeping in."

"B-but" She said shakily.

"Look it's me see." He put his hand on her arm, she felt the warmth. Spark didn't expect this and quickly rolled to the side and stood up. When she gazed upon him, it was indeed Arc. "Why are you so scared of me?"

Spark's heart leaped, hurting her chest. It was his voice too. She couldn't say anything, just back up as her brother approached. "Do you hate me?" He said. No... She thought, I don't.... She backed into the side of the mountain. "It really is me, Arc, your brother."

It isn't Arc, it can't be... She shook her head. The experience was traumatizing, she still couldn't speak. "Well then I suppose if you hate me so much." He said calmly. "There's only one thing to do." His face shined a wicked smile, full of sharp teeth. He opened wide, "Good sister you are." He said, before chomping down.

Spark woke up hyperventilating, she was covered in sweat and crying. "Why are you crying?" A small voiced asked. Spark was instantly startled, and carelessly threw a bolt of electricity in a random direction. "Eeek." The voice squeeled. Spark couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl.

"Sorry." Spark said.

"Oh it's fine, there's another one of you who does the same thing." Spark still couldn't see where the voice came from, "Except he burned me."

Spark wondered if the guy this voice spoke of was the person she needed to deal with. "Does he scare you?" She asked.

"Very much yes."

"What if I got rid of him?"

"Then I would be stuck here alone..." The voice said sadly.


"He tells me all the time, I'm scum and if he were to die I would be lonely scum. He took me here, but when he couldn't kill me, he left me here and taunts me all the time." Spark sighed, this voice, this child was imprisoned and kept company by a psychopath.

"Well I'll take you back. But you have to show yourself, and show me where this evil boy is." Right in front of Spark, a child became visible. It was a little girl, wearing green, red, and orange. It frankly surprised Spark, Pokemon had many powers.

"I don't know if it is actually a boy... The person wears a mask all the time."

"Isn't the voice an indicator?" Spark asked.

She shook her head, "The mask makes him scary, and I can't really hear her voice well."

Spark sighed. "You better not be leading me into a trap."
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