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Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
Guys, the effect of immigration has little to nothing to do with the topic at hand with where you have taken it.

@BlahISuck - I'd say you are certainly correct, ever since the US decided to intervene in Vietnam (and failed, I don't care what you think but that is the truth), and the Cold War they have seemingly been getting smarter and smarter becoming less and less involved with the political struggles and choices of other nations. That being said, and sorry for how bad this will probably sound, the US is like that kid at school who was well intentioned but always getting into fights with kids with different view points. Even to this day the US government is too wary of communism (which in itself isn't actually a bad system) and involved in several military conflicts, which due to agreements such as the ANZAS treaty they manage to drag their allies into also. I'm willing to concede that the US have improved but they have a long way to go, do you honestly think that the American government wants to see the rise of other superpowers?
Which is absolutely the right thing to do. Get involved in other countries conflicts, you are left with nothing more than a failed agenda and soldiers dead for a stupid cause in another land. Take Iraq for example, you may have installed a democratic government there but it is pretty useless with daily bombings and what not.
The US doesn't have long however. This century belongs to China. spheal with it. :p
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