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I'll answer two topics so I can catch up.

What did you think of the AF prank 2013?

I liked the idea of people showing up as different Pokemon in the postbits and you couldn't tell who that user is unless if you hovered over the online/offline icon and also the main forum index showed all the last posters as just ??? to further make it mysterious. Sadly I never found myself as an Oshawott lol but I did find myself as a Samurott which is close enough.

What do you think about the recent name changes in PC this year?

Yeah I do admit they were too heavy on section name changes this year but it did see some restructure as well, such as Game Development getting reorganized (and they plan to do it for Emulation as well) but I'm still trying to get used to NU/W's new name, The Welcome Lounge. The entire Off-Topic section getting changed was something well needed.
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