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Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
That's the thing. Americans that work minimum wage can't afford to support they're family unlike the illegals. The illegals live in a big group and each bring home $5 an hour or so and that makes it at least 4x as much as a US citizen once you do the math and include American's paying taxes. Also in America it's technically illegal to have a paying job and not pay taxes if you're over 16 years old.

Also let's get realistic here. This is America and for some reason race is still a major issue. Talk about equal opportunity employment... Yeah right, explain why every worker at the Sub Ways, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, etc are Hispanic? If you don't see an issue in illegal immigration then you need to move you're ass to America and then you will see my position in trying to get a job (i got a job). I can't afford to even support myself on anything lower than minimum wage. A 1 bed apt is $700 bucks up here and that's in the bad neighborhoods. So don't even start with me saying they are willing to work because American's are willing to work too. We just don't live here illegally with 15 people all paying for something so it's a lot harder for us. Which is why the welfare system is so high now. American's have just given up because of the immigration, we don't even bother trying.. Get free money from the system, hell why not I wouldn't mind getting $600 a month for free with free health care and food stamps.

But it's also illegal to pay under minimum wage and if they get caught they get a huge fine but yet they still risk it.

You don't seem to know the issues that come with illegal immigration because you don't live near it. Move to Chicago buddy.
So why don't White Americans start living in big groups and sharing costs? NO THAT WOULD BE COMMUNISM AND AGAINST OUR FREEDOM LOVING WAYS OF LIFE! Really? That's a terrible excuse - what it tells me is that Hispanics are much more efficient when it comes to their household expenses XD. Wow, so you think the service workers at restaurants are only there because of affirmative action? Talk about jealousy! That's just excuses, man. Calling them incompetent and their jobs undeserved is just lofty thinking. I don't know why you think it's a problem that you can't support yourself lower than minimum wage, but it's also a problem that illegals can support themselves. What there are different criteria depending on how you entered the country?

And I'm not sure, but are you blaming illegals for getting paid under minimum wage illegally? Shouldn't you be directing your frustration at their employers? They're just here to work and get paid, that's happy enough.

I thought the US housing market wasn't doing so well. You can find 1 bedroom apartments for $400 or $500 in Toronto. And everything is supposed to be more expensive in Canada. Numbeo tells me that Chicago rent prices are supposed to be 3% higher than toronto, not 40%.

You live in a place where illegal immigration happens, yet your perspective is still biased and lacks focus. I'll be happy staying in Canada and maintaining a clear head, thanks.


Anyways, did you know your president is part Chinese? =D

Pay attention to those elections! I'm sure the South China Sea/Philippines Sovereignty issue will pop up several times. There might be different ways your politicians suggest will solve the problem - many that no doubt involve the United States. The South China Sea issue is the foremost issue that binds China, Philippines, the US, and the rest of SEA. The US had your country in its grips 100 years ago, and it's still there today.

Okay - so there's one scenario that the US might intervene in. Especially on the side of the smaller countries, like the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Not military intervention like we've been focusing on these past few posts, but intervention in territorial disputes, sovereignty, and economics nonetheless.

Edit: and totally unrelated to this thread, I learned that there was a Chinese Filipino cardinal called Cardinal Sin. That sounds like a rapper's name XD
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