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    We feel that there may be a misunderstanding, caused by us, of when the "Crisis" occurred. To help clarify we have edited the main post in the plot section to say that the "Crisis" occurred 3 years before the start of current events. People that have posted just overlook this for now, but in the future please remember this.

    Another thing we would like to try is for every IC day to be 1 week. If this is difficult for everybody we will make the IC day longer. This can also be found in the rules (Rule 11, to be exact). If you miss an entire IC day we will contact you, most likely through PM, about whether you want to continue in the RP. If you do want to continue then we would like a reason why you missed the IC day and when you expect to be able to post. Also, this entire situation can be prevented if you post in the OOC that you will be unable to post for an extended time, such as for exams, vacations, moving, etc.

    End Alert

    On a less formal note, any questions regarding the RP can be asked in thread. We will do our best to fulfill the players needs and keep everybody as happy as we can.
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