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Yup, al-Jazeera and Reuters confirms deaths. The number is 7 according to government sources, but that just means we can be assured it's more. I'll admit, I didn't expect this to happen, I thought the whole thing would be a wash. Turns out Maduro is a pretty slick guy. He has everything to gain from violence. The polls won't be counted, and he can rally his partisan forces and justify a restriction of liberties. It doesn't matter who caused the deaths, or who is orchestrating the violence. All that matters is that the ruling party is able to take advantage of it. They are accusing the opposition leader of a coup, and are looking for ways to punish him through the legal system.

I don't have any experience in Venezuela - but governments can use their judicial system unfairly: Ukraine's president has former president Yulia Tymoshenko imprisoned - if you want to read more, here's some wiki:

Maduro is playing hardball here - I suppose the only way for the opposition to win out on this is to continue opposing him and overthrow him, however possible that is. Otherwise he will snuff out the opposition like a flame. By trying to stop political demonstrations, polarizing the people, and trying to crack down on the opposition leadership, he seeks to neuter the opposition and prevent it from challenging his rule - which let's not forget would already be difficult with the death of Chavez and possible inner-party conflict.

This will probably go the way of most political crackdowns, but who knows, does anybody have a more positive outlook on the opposition?
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