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Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
As much as I hate to say this. When I seen on the news Boston got bombed I was not shocked. It's just another tragedy happening in America that's gonna be the hot topic for a week or two and be "forgotten" after that. It's not gonna be completely forgotten but no ones gonna talk about it just like every other tragedy in America. I mean yea it's sickening that people do this but if you compare the 3 deaths and 100+ casualties that happened then it's nothing compared to what happens every single day here in America. It's gotten attention because it's bombs and what it caused.

I just have a feeling the government knew about this, because of where it was taken place and when it was taken place. But we don't know for sure, were just making assumptions now. Realistically the real truth wont come out.. It never does.
Want comparisons?

2012 Hurricane grazes the East Coast. Everyone grieves over a few losses, some fairly minor damage and about a few hours to a little less than a week of no electricity. Meanwhile in the Gulf, three or four Hurricanes, hit three states. One state receives a little attention since its a tourist attaction while the other two get little to no attention. No money from government for rebuilding and have to hike the taxes to cover damage to almost half the states, not to mention the death toll was well into the triple digits. Barely anyone batted an eye lash for us.

You have no idea what its like to be on the short end of the stick. Yes all tragedies are treated fairly equal because they are all bad. If in more populated areas or areas of more importance they tend to get more publicity. Other places don't get much attention depending on the tragedies.

The Tsunami in Japan, the Nuclear meltdown in Japan, the trapped miners in Chile, those were on world news for months. There are still relief funds for two of the three still going for survivors and those effected. Haiti still has fund raisers and is still publicized. There are a lot of fundraisers still going on around the world and we still have reminders of those tragedies.

The Media controls what it wants to display. If other countries don't post their issues its because their governments either don't want it publicized and won't allow other medias to report or they keep everything under wraps to prevent outside interference. Americans have a lower expectancy level for tragedies than other places. Some that see things like these just shrug it off and move on, but that's on the country that this happened to it has nothing to do with America's media and publicity.

Some of my foreign friends call us whimps for crying over everything so often.

And don't make me have to bring up Mickey Shunick. I don't even know if her story made it out of the state.
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