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    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    Why am I not surprised that such a beautifully looking hack is in Spanish :D
    Nah, seriously, once again, really quality looking hack not to mention with Wes' tiles... :D I do hope someone tries to translate it =)
    haha Thanks ^ ^
    possibly when removing the beta, the Translates into English.

    Originally Posted by ★Hoenn★ View Post
    Yeah, this one looks pretty amazing, and people will be drawn to it because of Wesley's tilings. I do hope someone translates this.

    But I like the house tiles very nicely, and also the animation.

    And one more thing, can you show more of the female character. I'm beginning to think this one is only playable as boy.
    Well, Wessley let me use some of their tiles private, some public use, and some I do, like tile house xD
    And on the female character I'm not sure if there will be one.

    Originally Posted by Anbuja's_BlooDY View Post
    Off course this is a really nice hack I'm seeing here and the graphics are really well done.

    There are just some tiny things I would complain though which are probably really easy to be fixed:

    The hair's of the hero loook so R/S/E stylish and not that good, I can help there if you want.

    Next thing but also really critical is the mapping, I see alot of 1 tile paths which should be avoided by all means, since they drop the playability of maps alot.

    Other then that it seems that you didn't really start scripting, which isn't bad, you don't have to rush.

    That said, I think this hack is a really nice one (Off course in spanish again:p).

    If you need with anything help, you know how to conatct me here :>
    Thanks, if I need help I'll tell you.
    And they are scans of the first town, even so, I added a couple of mini-games to make the hack more entrenido, regarding the mini, I like this

    Originally Posted by Leafgreen2itsmyidea View Post
    I love this cliché!!:
    Hacks with amazing graphics are in Spanish!
    haha! thanks a lot!

    Originally Posted by gogojjtech View Post
    Nice hack you have going here. Why are the best graphics always originating in other languages?
    thanks bro ^ ^
    Do not worry about the language, it is likely that Translates the hack for beta 1

    Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
    The hack is graphically good, but like Anbuja said, the playability is far more important than the overall beauty of the hack. (Quoted from someone on here, i forgot who) The OW's hair isn't really that good. I don't get why there will be an orange bunch of hair below black hair. Other than that, this is a job well done. Your blend of trees are great, and is that a follow-me script? this is the 2nd hack I have seen with the follow-me.
    I know that the gameplay is more important than the beauty of the hack. So I'm trying to do the hack as dynamic as possible, adding a couple of mini-missions or making maps with multiple paths, ...
    And on the overworld sprite, I like the style you have ^ ^
    And there is a follow-me script, the pokemon only appear at major events ..
    I'm learning is that just doing scripts and there are many things we do not know. and as I work alone, it takes me a long time to do everything.

    Originally Posted by Jayster23 View Post
    By God this looks beautiful!
    Please someone translate this!
    jaja! thanks, Translates possibly hack for beta 1

    Originally Posted by yellow123 View Post
    Another great looking hack please don't give up on it lots of people that make beautiful hack tend to give up on them and thats the last thing everyone wants. Great hack so far hope it progresses and gets translated
    thanks for the comment
    and do not worry, I have not abandoned my plan to leave hack ^ ^

    Originally Posted by nasonex View Post
    The mapping and graphics are so cool!

    I hope the scripting is too!

    Should be on English language too!
    Thanks, I will try that scripts are at the same height of the graphics ^ ^

    Originally Posted by ReoNeky View Post
    This hack I know, it's, first things posted on the website of Whack a Hack!
    Moreover, yesterday you and I were talking.

    As for the hack, it looks great, I like the animations you have, tiles, pallets ....
    I hope soon teach us some video of a script.

    Keep it up!

    See you!
    haha! thanks broher !
    if you are inserting a jack more skype, you'd know everything I go xDD!

    Originally Posted by ForeverDash View Post
    Hmm, a hack that puts the shine on 5th Generation Pokemon huh? The story overall is really cool and I find it really interesting. The graphics are really nice too and matches with your story since you're going with 5th gen Pokemon. I like the day and night system as well as the animations. The transparent water looks really cool as well. I see transparent water is really getting famous! Your overworlds are really nice too and you seem to be doing well in scripting though I would love to see more. Your mapping is okay but like others said playability is really important. Like myself I don't like 1 way paths because they just bore me. Overall this is a really nice and pretty hack. I would love to play it once theres an English Complete Version. Good Luck!
    Sure, as I said, try not to just focus on the story, I will include some things to make the hack more dynamic and entertaining, but now I find it difficult for the little knowledge I have about the scripts, but I am slowly improving. ^ ^

    Originally Posted by princeazne View Post
    this is my question in my self .. why there are so many pokemon hack that graphics are good but it is spanish or itlian et. nothing english can u translate the game?
    sure, as I said, it's likely that Translates for beta1

    well, try to answer all comments, and forgive my bad English
    These days, I tried to polish my scripts, and am very grateful to you for helping Ricci thus, not directly, but it did.
    I also want, but to give credit, thank Cope, that has helped me in many things. Well here the scans, I finished the inside of the house, and I did an event where the main character's mother from untidy trolling xD!

    Well that's it, hope you like it, and that this time they make a little more ...
    See you latter!