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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Speaking for America only, I think that if every shooting that would normally only make local news was put on the national news, we would either be a) really sad and depressed as a nation and constantly mourning or b) so used to it that we don't care anymore and no longer really realize how precious life is. I wouldn't want either to be the case.
To a good extent I feel b. I live in the city so I see enough murders that I'm not shocked or mind blow when a school shooting or bombing occurs. I mean, I've literally seen in person people get murdered.

What I mean is that I'm so used to seeing or hearing about people being murdered that I just see it as another act of violence and someone that's a sick dickless coward. I care that people got murdered and I feel sorry for the families and people that are in the hospital right now but I don't care for the attention it's getting. Yea, it's a bombing that killed 3 people I get that but they don't need to make it out to be like 9/11 or something I mean come on.
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