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I'm not disrespecting it I'm just saying it's being taken a little too seriously. They need to lay off of it a little and let the investigators do they're job and focus on it when they figure it out. Eventually they will find the dickless coward or cowards who did it, but I don't wanna see it and hear about it everywhere I go constantly until they find who's responsible. It's getting very annoying quick. It was reasonable to hear and focus on it the day it happened but they need to focus on other problems and come back to it when they got reliable sources. Now, they have nothing other than the same sources they had before so it's like a never ending routine. It's like watching the same commercial over and over again until it loses it's touch and you gotta come out with a new one. Sorry for weird analogy but it's the way I see it. You may think of it as a different way and that's cool with me but I wont bother taking notice to it anymore until they find the dickless coward.
When I said you were disrespecting it, I meant the way you seemed to treat the situation and the people that died as if it was nothing noteworthy. So perhaps it was your wording, which it's important to make sure you're clear when talking about things...especially heavy situations like this one. Otherwise you're just in for a world of misunderstandings.

As for investigations and such, then yes, that should quiet down since there's barely any information. I only think they keep putting it out on the air everyday because it's the most recent major tragedy here in the US. And of course, they're gonna keep doing it, and then when information finally comes in, it'll have a reason to come back to the air full force. I tend to not watch the news during any of these events though, which I recommend if you're someone that doesn't like seeing the same thing over and over until there are new things. I just use the internet as my news source, because that doesn't tend to happen online like it does if you tune in to the tv.

But I want to point out my previous...3 or 4 (?) posts had nothing to do with the information put out we've had so far. I hadn't given any of my opinions out about that till just now.

Edit: idk if it's just me, but the phrase "dickless coward" over and over in a serious discussion is just...really off putting and out of place. There are better ways to insult without sounding 15. js.

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