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    Unova, surrender to my firepower!

    Type: Fire
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    Challenge Completed!

    After defeating Marlon, I chased Team Plasma off - got a Magmarizer and evolved Magmar in the process, woohooh. Kyurem fused with Zekrom was surprisingly easy. All it took was two Outrages from Arcanine. Anyway, the story unfolds, and suddenly, I'm at the Pokémon League.

    Shauntal was a clean Chandelure sweep, not much to say.

    Marshal wasn't too much trouble. Chandelure OHKO'd his two first Pokémon, but fearing that Sawk might outspeed my Chandelure, I sent out Darmanitan. Thanks to Sturdy and Full Restore and a couple of missing Zen Headbutts, his Sawk ended up putting Darmanitan to rest. Arcanine then came out for a Flare Blitz revenge kill, and for the final match, Magmortar took out Mienshao with a single Psychic.

    The match against Grimsley was just a series of OHKOs from different Pokémon. The only attack he got in was Liepard's Fake Out.

    Caitlin was more or less just as boring, however she did manage to put Arcanine to sleep, effectively putting a stopper to my plans for a Crunch sweep. It was more or less a clean sweep anyway, though, thanks to Chandelure.

    Iris was challenging. Darmanitan OHKO'd Hydreigon with Superpower, and I planned to do the same thing with Aggron, but Aggron hung in there with a little HP left, then Rock Slided Darmanitan all the way to Pokémon Heaven. I sent out Emboar, taking Aggron down, even after a wasted Full Restore. She then sent out her mother****er of a Haxorus, and I'm thinking "huh, I'll just send out Arcanine with an Outrage. No probs", but the ****er had a Focus Sash and Earthquaked Arcanine to hell. I then bet on Volcarona to perform a Quiver Dance before taking him down. He lost some HP to Earthquake, but pulled off the Quiver Dance and took down Haxorus with a Silver Wind. She sent out Druddigon, which lost a fair amount of HP to Silver Wind, but eventually took down Volcarona with Rock Slide. I then sent out Emboar, and not wanting to lose any speed, I go for a Head Smash, and it misses. Druddigon uses Focus Blast, and it tickles. Now, repeat that process, and I was getting annoyed. I went for a suicide Head Smash, and it worked! Druggion went down, and Emboar was still standing! Lapras came out, but I stuck with Emboar, outspeeding and OHKOing Lapras with a Hammer Arm. Archeops is sent out. I got over-confident and stuck with Emboar, which obviously didn't went well. Acrobatics. I sent out Chandelure for a suicide mission, where I planned to Max Revive Arcanine. When Chandelure was eventually taken down, I sent out Arcanine, and he pulled off a ****ing beautiful Wild Charge. WE DID IT.

    TL;DR - I kicked Iris' ass and won.

    My final team:


    Darmanitan, lv. 62 @ Razor Claw
    Male // Jolly // Sheer Force
    - Flare Blitz
    - Zen Headbutt
    - Superpower
    - Return

    Darmanitan, you are a beast. I've used Darmanitan a few times before, and if I could, I would use him on several monotype runs. Pokémon needs more Darmanitan. Everything needs more Darmanitan. I love Darmanitan, he's a goddamn bro.

    Magmortar, lv. 61 @ Charcoal
    Male // Hardy // Flame Body
    - Flamethrower
    - Psychic
    - Sunny Day
    - Thunderbolt

    I've never, ever, ever used Magmortar before. I never really liked it. I was never too fond of Magmar in the first place, then Magmortar came along, and I have to admit, I hated its design. However, Magby was the first Pokémon I caught during this challenge, and this guy helped me out tons of times. Magmortar, you're cool in my book.

    Chandelure, lv. 66 @ Spell Tag
    Female // Modest // Flame Body
    - Psychic
    - Flamethrower
    - Energy Ball
    - Shadow Ball

    Damn. There are a lot of Gen V Pokémon I've always wanted to use, but never really got around to it. Chandelure is one of those. Loved its design and its typing from the moment I saw it. And she proved to an absolute beast. Definitely my most important Pokémon in the Pokémon League.

    Volcarona, lv. 61 @ SilverPowder
    Male // Calm // Flame Body
    - Silver Wind
    - Roost
    - Flamethrower
    - Quiver Dance

    Having caught this fella as a lv. 35 Volcarona, I can only imagine how freakishly frustrating it must be to train Larvesta from an egg to this beautiful beast. Volcarona has so much potential, but had so lacking moves for so long. Still nine levels to go before he learns Bug Buzz. Anyway, Volcarona was fun to use, but didn't exactly live up to my expectations, which admittedly were set pretty damn high.

    Arcanine, lv. 61 @ Dragon Fang
    Male // Hardy // Flash Fire
    - Flare Blitz
    - Crunch
    - Outrage
    - Wild Charge

    Who doesn't love Arcanine? I've used this guy on a fair amount of playthroughs throughout this challenge, and he never ceases to amaze. Just... Great job, Arcanine. Also, this guy dealt the final death blow to Iris.

    Emboar, lv. 64 @ Mystic Water
    Male // Naughty // Blaze
    - Flare Blitz
    - Hammer Arm
    - Scald
    - Head Smash

    I've used Samurott before, love the design. I've used Serperior before, love the design and the odd stat distribution. I've never used Emboar before, and I finally appreciate the fire beard and the whole sumo-thing it has going. He will never be my favorite starter, but he's still a badass with a lot of raw power and surprising versatility.

    And that, kids, concludes my Ultimate Fire-Monotype Challenge!
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