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    Sammy Cooper

    Sammy had understood the object of the exercise the first time around, she'd just been waiting for a little further explanation. Realizing that they were just expected to get on with it and figure it out as they went on. Well, that didn't particularly bother her. She shifted herself into a boxers stance, fists up, balls of the feet. It would be easier to follow the rules this way - even if she stayed in one spot she would be constantly shifting and weaving.

    "Cubone, use Growl!" She called out. Growl would lower Poliwrath's attack potential, helping to reduce the advantage they had.

    Cubone's eyes almost doubled in size when he saw the much larger, fully evolved pokemon charging for him. Trembling he hugged his bone club tight to his chest and shut his eyes, a faint red light outlining his body. The Brick Break struck Cubone with full force directly on the head, but seemed to have no effect whatsoever. The red light faded and Cubone fell backwards into a sitting position, beginning to cry.

    Sammy dropped her hands and stared at Cubone for a second before running onto the battlefield, gathering up the crying Cubone in her arms.

    "Hey, it's okay buddy, it's alright. You... you did good, you... you stuck it out, yeah?" She looked up to Mark and smiled apologetically. "Hey, listen, I'm sorry. Cubone is a rescue, and I thought he was ready, but I guess he got freaked out. I think that was Endure he used, I didn't even know he knew Endure."
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