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just clearing things up

it's not formally legal but the bill has passed it's third reading which means it'll be announced and made legal very soon but yeah!!! rejoice!!!
the bill itself comes into effect around august

This means:
- same-sex couples can get legally married (not just civil unions, though these are still available to any couple of whatever sex/es) - it will be up to religious organisations to decide for themselves whether to offer same-sex marriage
- transgender people, who got married as their assigned gender but later want to officially change to their preferred gender, don’t have to get a divorce as part of doing that, which they used to be required to do, which was pretty goddamn mean (it’s not part of this law but we recently got a change meaning that you can change the gender listed on your NZ passport with a simple signed declaration, and you can choose ‘X’ instead of ‘M’ or ‘F’ if you prefer, which I think is A Good Thing)
- those same-sex married couples will be able to adopt children together if they want to
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