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Name: Erik Burks

Nickname: Pecha (He considers it his real name now)

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Species: Tangela

Team: Woodland Wanderers

Title: Draping Vine Pecha

Appearance: Typical tangela size and poportions, but feet are a dark shade of purple, and wears a red ribbon on one of his top vines, which gets him confused for a girl quite often.

Personality: Pecha is a pokemon of love, plain and simple. He has no sense personal space, and upon meeting someone will use his vines to hug them tight. He call everyone "brother" or "sister" to show his affection for nearly everyone. Extremely easygoing and peace loving, except during rescue missions, which he tries to finish as soon as possible, not to risk anything. Hates to fight, but knows when he has to, always finding the non-lethal way to deal with outlaws.

History: His father was a tangrowth while his mother was a cherrim. Born Medius Town, Pecha (then Erik) was born into a poor family, and Eric unfortunately turned to stealing. His antics gave him many scolds from his parents, but brought attention from two other grass-type delinquents, an ivysaur named John, and a lombre named Kenny. Both of them were 19 years old; three years older than Eric at the time. They decided to take him under their wing, forming a gang known a the Thorns. They eventually had to run away from home, and Erik hasn't seen his parents since.

They claimed to live the good life, taking what they wanted and looking out for each-other. They mostly robbed caravans and ran for 3 years. But all that changed when John evolved into a venusaur, and he started abusing his new-found strength. Since that day the Thorns got very aggressive and sadistic to their victims for 5 whole years, traveling all over the continent. Erik was slowly being ate up with guilt for the acts he commited, and pokemon he killed. On the other hand, the Thorns were family to him. Even after John evolved, they all watched each others back. One day the Thorns attacked a family of Butterfrees and Caterpies, and John ate the small caterpies right in front of their parents. Kenny and John thought it was hilarious, Eric reached his breaking point. The tangela wouldn't let this happen again.

A week latter, The Thorns killed a Wigglytuff and took her daughter back to their hideout for torturing. After John hit the igglybuff with a toxic, Erik wouldn't take it anymore. With a subtle sleep powder, the rest of the Thorns started dozing off as Erik grabbed the child and checked their supplies; they were all out of pecha berries. So Erik dashed with the igglybuff to the nearest settlement Venator Town. The small balloon pokemon gave out before they even reached the halfway mark.

He couldn't go back to the Thorns, he didn't want to risk being killed. So he decided to join the nearest exploration team to atone for what he has been doing most of his life. He gave the child a small but proper burial, too afraid of what the rest of her family will do to him. He took her ribbon as a memento for his new way of life, and gave himself a new name.


Level: 34

Moveset: Ingrain, Giga Drain, Sleep powder, Bind, Sunny Day, Natural Gift
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