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Hi Buggy! I'll stick to calling you that since it's a pretty adorable nickname. :3 Welcome to the forum!

Well, you'll find that PC is pretty big and a popular spot for hackers! That's one of the things that made us such a huge forum years back. Without hacks I'd probably have not found this place until a while later, and that's true for lots of other members too. Only recently did I find out that Mario hacks and others existed though.. I am ashaaamed. Mostly I've just only known about the Pokemon ones!

Don't worry though, you'll have a great time here so long as you don't go around breaking the rules left and right, aha. They're not very complicated though, but should definitely be read even if you think you understand what is and isn't allowed since there are pretty big rules here that can't be missed, like the 30-day revival rule.

By the way, you are awesome for liking Chikorita. Like, honestly, we should be friends. She's probably the weakest of the starters but also the cutest in my opinion. I picked it in Crystal and later HeartGold.. was a huge pain in the behind but so worth it. Always had a hard time evolving mine, though. Seems like you'll be settling in quite well here, too - your introduction was wonderful! Keep on posting and may you become an active member soon in the future! :D

Need any help with the forum? No problem, just send me or another staff member a private message! Have fun!

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