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    It doesn't matter who caused the deaths, or who is orchestrating the violence. All that matters is that the ruling party is able to take advantage of it. They are accusing the opposition leader of a coup, and are looking for ways to punish him through the legal system.
    Maduro's stepping over the law. They've already rejected the proposal of the recount. And, despite being the major part of the people against him by now -because they've seen what he has done-, he made this government authoritarian, they own all the public powers and the constitution is just a joke for them.

    By trying to stop political demonstrations, polarizing the people, and trying to crack down on the opposition leadership, he seeks to neuter the opposition and prevent it from challenging his rule - which let's not forget would already be difficult with the death of Chavez and possible inner-party conflict.
    I think, we can only wait for Capriles' words, and see what's going to happen in the capital Caracas. But with the things happened this far, the only solution seems to be protest.

    This is in Miami, FL.

    If you understand spanish you could watch Globovision (The only public opposition channel in the State):

    Click here to watch Live

    Keep spreading the news and excuse me for any mistakes made. With the demonstrations called off, violence has mostly stopped but there's still people getting hurt outside.

    If you're with the cause and want to help, please sign this petition to call upon the International Community to urge the full recount of votes: Link

    Please forgive my horrible english as it's not my primary language.
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