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Yeahhh the Pokemon anime's great! Can't wait till you catch up. I tried to keep up with it too, but still missed a bit of Sinnoh since I didn't like it that much. Oh, but welcome to the forum yeah!

I have a great place for you to post in - our very own Pokemon Anime section! You can discuss the open topics as you progress through the show, or maybe just participate in the cool Watch-Along thread. There's just so many episodes to watch though.. you'll be busy for a long, long while. xD; Johto seemed to get a lot of dislike since it had a ton of fillers but I didn't find them that tedious. It was one of my favorite sagas. :( Hope you end up enjoying it - be sure to let me know how it goes! I love to talk about the Pokemon anime so conversing with you about it would be great~!

It's a good show and I assume it'll be going on for a long while. So long as the games stay popular we'll keep getting more and more episodes. Plan on catching up with the movies, btw? And out of curiosity, is your love for Pikachu and Meowth inspired by Ash's Pikachu and Team Rocket's Meowth? :D I couldn't help but assume that, hehe.

Enjoy your stay on PC and feel free to contact me whenever if you need help!
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