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I was in the same boat a few years ago. I had an older account but almost completely forgot about it, so I made this one instead! That was good for me though since I hated that username. D: Great to have you here again!

Ahhh that is just horrible that you're called bad names for liking Pokemon. If anyone told me that I'd yell and punch them in the face or something, pfft. Pokemon is awesome and there's a reason it's so widely popular. Don't worry about what those guys say! Wear your love for Pokemon proudly! :) Sucks about Gold though. Don't think any of my games ever had dead batteries.. played my Crystal from like eleven years ago last month and miraculously it worked just fine. Heard games have a chance of not working after a while, so maybe I'm just a bit lucky in that regard. Heard about X and Y, by the way? What do you think about them?!

You seem like a pretty big Poke-enthusiast so I'm sure PC will be an awesome forum for you. n~n Is this your first time on a Pokemon community or forum in general? Know the ropes of places like these, or? We have a questions section right above the Welcome Lounge where you can ask for help about this place so that's a worthwhile place to stop by if you're lost. Staff members are always around to help anytime though, too!

Welp, have a blast here and see you around. Need a friend? Just drop me a message! :3

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