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    No takers, huh? Would this get more of a response in some section of game development, perhaps?

    Trainer Template:

    HP- Hit Points. You may expect your Pokemon to do a lot of the battling, but there's no guarantee that you'll be staying safe. Hit Points gauge how much of a beating you've taken.

    STR- Strength. Gauges how much you're able to carry, how hard you hit, and who's going to win in an arm wrestling match. Roughly analogous to Attack.

    CON- Constitution. Gauges endurance and resistance to environmental factors, roughly analogous to Defense.

    INT- Intelligence. Gauges... intelligence. Roughly analogous to Special Attack.

    WIS- Wisdom. Gauges sensitivity to your environment, common sense and intuition. Roughly analogous to Special Defense.

    AGI- Agility. Gauges control of your body, including things like reflexes, dexterity, and lightfootedness. Roughly analogous to Speed.

    Job: The Trainer's class.
    Gear: Equipment the Trainer has on them.
    Feats: Traits and talents the Trainer possesses.
    All Trainers have the same base movement in combat (tbd), although it may be altered through Feats or special conditions. Other stats are determined in the usual way (point-buy or rolling stats, exact scale needs deciding on).

    Job Stuff:
    1. Leadership- Trainers in this category raise Pokemon in patterns typical of professional trainers. They're devoted to battling and encouraging their teammates. When taken to the extreme, their synergy with their Pokemon borders on miraculous. Examples: Ace Trainer, Type Specialist, Tag Battler
    2. Support- Support Trainers may not always be given to battling, but they're formidable in their own right. They help to enhance allies' Pokemon outside of combat. Examples: Move Tutor, Medic, Breeder
    3. Combat- These Trainers can hold up in battle by themselves, giving them an edge in street battles and non-combat situations. Examples: Psychic, Aura User, Black Belt
    4. Researcher- These trainers use their Pokemon to further their careers, and specialize in the use and development of items to achieve greatness. Examples: Scientist, Engineer, Ruin Maniac
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