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    Oh, and you wanna know why it's egg-shaped?


    I think we have solved the mystery. Just wait and see.

    Also, behind Sylveon's right ear, there's another arched wing-like depiction. Looks like an eagle wing, but it's not as evident.

    That other wing is way too obvious, though. And the fact, y'know, it's TOTALLY AN EGG = birds = flapflapflap.




    Evidence To Support Flying-Type Theory

    - Butterfly ribbons depict both flying and mimic Skyla's hair tie
    - Flowing ribbons are the same style and shape as Wingull's wings; Wingull being a flying-type
    - Wing-like symbol in its "egg" in the new trailer
    - The fact that it is encased in an "egg," whereas in real-life birds lay eggs

    Plus, a lot of Flying types are Normal/Flying. It's not impossible (although it would be breaking a trend) that this Eeveelution is Flying/Normal, based on its looks, its colours and its attacks - which so far, have been very not Flying-like.

    Evidence Against

    - Colour Palette is more Normalish
    - No wings = flawed design for a Flying type
    - Attacks seen so far are not very Flying-like


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