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    I decided to do another chaining hunt to catch another of my favourite, oddly cute Pokemon, and this was actually a pretty easy hunt since the area of grass was so huge that it made chaining it really easy. I got to fourty on my first try, and ended up catching three shiny Chatot before I got one I liked and ended the chain.

    (he's holding a blue shard because I'm going to trade him to platinum and teach him some move tutor moves)

    I named it Dinty after my Grandma's parrot, and while it's not the greatest nature, it has really good ivs, so I was fine with that. I'll trade one to heart gold of course, then I don't know what I'll do with the third one. :/

    Still, that's another shiny for me! I think now with the four shiny battlers I have, I could beat the round 2 elite four in black 2 with basically no problems. I might even be able to take on the challenge mode round 2 elite four! I also notice that this is another bird shiny I have. (Torchic and Pidgeot being the others)

    In case you were wondering, the other two are named Chitchat and Chatbot.

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