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Originally Posted by crocacola View Post
Curious how much these are worth all mint and holo
Shining charizard 107/105
Charizard 4/102
Venusaur 15/102
Sneasel ex 103/109
Pinsir 9/64
Syther ex 102/109
Victreebel 14/64
Electabuzz ex 97/109
Gardevoir 7/109
Wigglytuff 19/130
Blastoise 2nd edition 2/130
Steelix 15/111
Crobat 3/101
Togichick jappenese neo No. 176
Slowking Jappenese neo No. 199
Venomoth 13/64
Nidoking 11/102
Lapras 10/62
Kangaskan jappenese neo No. 115
Poliwrath 15/130
Typhlosion jappenese neo No. 157
Blastoise 2/102
Alakazam 1/102
Magneton 9/102
Dark amppharos 1/105
Umbreon 13/75
Typhlosion ex 99/100
Vaporeon 12/64
Machamp sealed 8/102
Jolteon 4/64
Hitmontop jappenese neo No. 237
Baltoy 52/101
Chansey 3/102
Mistys golduck 12/132
Azumaril 2/111
Meganium 10/111
Hypno 8/62
Gengar 5/62
Swampert 13/109
Scizor 10/75
Elextrode 2/64
Blazikain 3/109
Aerodactyl 1/62
Pichu jappenese neo No. 172
Electabuz 35/100
Yahhumara jappenese neo No. 193
I was going to price your top two tonight, but for several of these I need to know if they're first edition cards or not (if they are English 1st editions, they'll have a black circle with a transparent "1" in it to the bottom left of the picture; if they're japanese 1st editions, they'd have to have a copyright year of 2003 or later and have a "1" stacked on top of "edition" in the bottom right-hand corner of the card next to a rarity symbol or letter and a set symbol). Additionally, for Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, Magneton, Chansey, Machamp, Alakazam, and Nidoking, I'll need to know whether each of the cards has a shadow to the left of the picture frame or not. That will affect the values as well.

Originally Posted by Demon. View Post
Pretty sure Shining Charizard is still over a hundred bucks.
I'm fairly certain that only applies to the 1st Edition version.
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