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Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
Maybe that " wing" is really a 90 degrees flipped fang/tooth, and Dragons lay are said to eggs too...
Perhaps, but if it is a Dragon-type, then I know where Nintendo got their inspiration from...


And we wouldn't want that, would we :(

And so far, to my knowledge, there are no "cute" style Dragons. Dragons are mean, vicious, jagged-tooth, clawed creatures with ginormous wings and slashing tales. They are strong, muscular, manly beasts!

All of which Sylveon... is not.


The only cutiepie is Dratini/Dragonair (which evolves into manly Dragonite) and Altaria. But again, Sylveon doesn't share many Dragon traits as of now.


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