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    Rick was flabbergasted at the amazing power being exhibited by this amazing young woman who was both beautiful and strong. But she must have thrown out all of her strength when she did that last attack just now. But a hyper beam? If that was true, then did that mean that any Burst Warrior could do this or was she special in this regard as well. All of the geodudes ran off, terrified of the explosive power she exhibited, and there seemed to be a large rumble of pokemon running clear away from their area. Rick threw his poke ball at the Nosepass, making sure to capture the rare Pokemon, since it was completely unconscious from that last attack. Its health was probably just 1.

    He made his way over to Eris after throwing the ball, needing to make sure she was ok since she was down. When he got over she was crying which broke his heart. Making sure that the Pokemon was captured, he pat his hand onto her back. "Are you ok?

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