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Just found out by someone on Pokejungle...the "Wing" thing is Sylveon's Ear sideways. They actually DO match trolly XD

Originally Posted by Yusshin View Post
But I can see Dragon being a possibility, too; it's just that, although Sylveon shares very little Flying characteristics (other than Wingull ribbons that are flowy), I can see zero Dragon features. That'd be one weird Dragon type.
I see 0 Flying features. All the features mentioned to support Flying don't support it being a flying type to me and to a few others. To me the ribbons support Dragon as some dragons have barbel or whiskers tendrils that they can freely move. Her color scheme is closer to Iris who is a Dragon Pokemon Trainer. The Fang thing but that's pretty much an irrelevant association, and its the only Special type not yet done. Everything screams Dragon type for me.
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