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Since the 3rd gen game about, Rayquaza's always been my favorite legendary Pokemon. A combination of it's design, it's cool shiny form and the fact that it's a Dragon type (which I rarely use) are probably the biggest factors.

As for the strongest, as previously mentioned, would be Arceus (both as a God-like Pokemon, and it has the highest base stats of all Pokemon, legendary or not).

While I think new legendaries are a good thing, we're at the point where we're nearly at 50 individual legendary Pokemon (out of a current Pokedex of 649, 7.25% of all Pokemon species are considered legendary). Many of them don't seem to serve a purpose in the games other than to counteract each other, and while they're nice sidequests, the sheer number of them starts to make them feel less special.

Again, as already been mentioned, the only legit way to obtain a Mew is from a number of events that have taken place.

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